Greater Than You

January_Suchodolski_-_Ochakiv_siegeEven if you know who you are and even if that knowing is being worked out, you’ve got to have a place to be it. You being you even to some incredible degree of righteousness was never the entirety of the goal. The intention of our identity requires context. Context is what makes us valuable and irrelevant at the same time. Without context, we find ourselves talking to a volleyball on a beach in the middle of nowhere.

The context has to be bigger than us or there is nothing in us that will be drawn to the context. If we are the main thing, we’ll never move on to anything else. We have to have vision of something greater than ourselves if we ever want the greatness within ourselves to have a place.

Jesus made the context clear; it’s community of the Kingdom of God and it’s at hand. The Kingdom is the playing field for sons and daughters of God to participate in the plans of God as heaven invades earth. It’s in this context that sons advance the purposes of the Father and the Father’s glory is put on display.

It’s not a church and it’s not good people. It’s the Kingdom. The Kingdom can and will play out in church but it by no means is contained within the four walls of any building. The Kingdom is viral and organic and it reaches beyond any efforts to contain it to overcome darkness.

In the context of the Kingdom, gifts that are deposited in sons and daughters of God are activated for the purposes of God. The power of the Holy Spirit is necessary and effective where Light is meeting darkness. While gifts in the forms of signs and wonders may be good and encouraging in a church service, they are good, encouraging, effective and transformative at the edge of the battlefield.

When we walk in gifts and abilities deployed as agents of heaven into every workplace, school place and other place that we come in contact with throughout the week, things change. God move through us, with others in community, and things start changing in the communities and businesses we live in. We are transformed, and with other transformed people, neighborhoods, businesses and cities can be transformed.

To reach the satisfaction of fulfillment in our destiny, it’s got to be bigger than us. Bigger than us is the corporate expression of God’s Kingdom. It’s an epic battle with the outcome already decided. We are invited into the greatest story ever told.

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