The Benefits of Destiny

blue-eye-detailThe other day, I offered the thought that destiny is built over four stages. Each of the stages bring their own revelation of depth and value which requires progression in order from one to the next. If taken out-of-order, the apparent success in any stage without satisfaction of the previous stages leaves the wayfarer susceptible to a crash. A relational foundation of success is critical to the fulfillment of destiny.

The first stop along the journey is consecration. Consecration is setting aside. Set aside your life in a way that is consistent with the Royal design of a royal destiny. Recognize that in order to be included in the plans that God has for you, there must first be a realization of who God says you are. That realization of identity occurs Spirit to spirit as Deep calls to deep so that we can know who we are in Him. He speaks our identity into our spirit as we are set apart as His.

The resulting benefits are what establish us for the remainder of the journey. From our identity as sons and daughters of a living and loving God, we receive:

  1. Affirmation – This settles the question of our approval and whether or not we have what it takes to be commissioned into His Kingdom purposes. We do because He says so. He doesn’t evaluate us; He receives us and affirms us without any proof that we are worthy. We are worthy because He says so.
  2. Healthy Hearts – From knowing that we are approved of by the Creator of the universe in the time and relationship that we cultivate with Him, we can dismantle the insecurities, doubts and fears that seek to rob our joy and hijack our destiny. We draw from the Source of healing to be healthy. We agree with Him in how He sees us so that we can love others as we love ourselves because He loved us first.
  3. Gifts – The things that are in us from the time that we are created start to come up and out during time that we are with the Gift Giver. He shows us our design and makes us familiar with the unique ways He has equipped us for our place in His body. From the healthy heart that comes from via affirmation of the Father, we can receive gifts without pride.

It starts with you and Him. One on one with the One’s love and grace pouring out for the other one. We receive who we are in giving up who we might have otherwise chosen to be when we set ourselves aside and allow Him to define the things in us we knew were always there but could never grab ahold of until we were consecrated for His purposes.

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