The 4 Stages of Destiny

Melb_symphony_orchestraThere is an order to things. If we decide that we want to circumvent the order, the resulting accomplishment (if any) will be vulnerable to the faults of an improper foundation. We can’t take shortcuts and believe that the progress we may observe is sustainable. First things first so that second and third things enjoy the benefit of the first thing being in place.

Born with an inherent desire to accomplish great and glorious things, those that step from where they are to where they think they are going invariably have to go back and cover some bases. The legitimate vision for a significant role with an eternal impact is dependent on the order of relationship. That prompting towards a glorious call isn’t because we are special; it’s because we are invited.

The calling into greatness is part of a larger call and a greater greatness than any individual can achieve. It is a corporate call with a Kingdom context. The corporate call requires the ability to be relational and the Kingdom context ensures that the ultimate glory isn’t reserved  to the individual or even the corporate actors.

As one thing builds upon the next, the order of relationship to build structurally upon foundation is, in this order:

  1. Consecration – Setting our life apart from the world to know Jesus intimately. This is where our identity is established; in Him. Without a healthy view of identity from the Source of identity, there is no relationship that won’t suffer dysfunction at some level.
  2. Companionship – Intimately living with another and other(s) where there is authentic and transparent connection to foster transformation. This is where iron sharpens iron and the work that is begun in consecration is worked out through our soul.
  3. Community – Joining a movement of the King with others that are called to His purposes and living selflessly on mission. It’s a life beyond our comfort for the benefit of a common and eternal purpose. It’s being the body with Christ as the Head and honoring not only Him but those that are gifted and equipped differently than we are. It’s a symphony of His design played through individuals making up a group.
  4. Conquest – We arrive at the place of significance and impact which is different from what we had envisioned at the inception of our journey. By the time we realize our contribution, we know who we are and are comfortable with who we aren’t. We know how to accept others on the same basis and join with them and their flaws in grace and honor to accomplish the advancement of the Kingdom.

By the time we reach our destiny, we realize that our destiny isn’t about us. It’s a glorious destiny; but it’s His glory and not ours and we are fine with that because of all that we’ve learned along the way.

5 thoughts on “The 4 Stages of Destiny

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