Interpreting the Message

filtersNotice is necessary to cash in. You can’t spend what you don’t have and at the same time you can’t spend what you don’t know you have. There can be a treasure sitting at your fingertips but if your fingertips don’t feel it, the treasure continues to go unrealized. We can get reminded all the time if we’ll simply listen. If we’ll resist our efforts to scramble and do, we can attain more by who we already are than we ever will in our ability.

Our hope is in our identity, not our ability. It’s the inheritance that’s abundant, not the hourly wage. The more we work to try to earn, the more we resist the receipt of all that’s already been paid for.

Romans 8:16 says “The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.”

God Himself whispers to us “you’re a son” so that we can know who we are. God is Spirit so He is speaking directly to our spirits, Deep calling to deep. We have a true identity at the core of our being and the Creator of that identity reminds us of who we are.

The trap is often in our interpretation. As Spirit calls to spirit, Deep unto deep, there is temptation to take the spiritual exchange and filter it through our soul. We often want to consider the truth of His whisper through the lens of our mind, will and emotions (our soul). The natural next thing, then, is to try to think like a son (mind), act like a son (will) and feel like a son (emotions). Those efforts to think, act and feel have left the treasure of our sonship in their heavenly vault as we attempt to achieve son stuff through our efforts.

The whisper of God is an invitation. It’s a reminder from a Father that we have access. We are afforded the abundance of grace and free gift of righteousness that Jesus paid for. We just have to receive it (Romans 5:17). Receiving is no more than appropriation of what He holds without trying to add to His effort. It’s resting in Him.

The reminder of the Holy Spirit calls us to Jesus; not action. In Jesus, we will respond from the fullness of the treasure He has stored up for us. It’s His grace that fills us and equips us to be sons, not our knowing, feeling and acting like a son in religious striving.

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