Broken Peace

horse eyeThe difference between a champion and a potential champion is the ability to bring the potential into such focus that it is actualized. The immaturity of a potential champion has to accept the harnessing of their potential to realize their destiny. The analogy used in my last blog post was that of a racehorse receiving the bit to allow for the reigns that yield to the direction of the rider.

That picture of a horse under control has a contrast. The contrast is a horse that is wild and refusing control. It is a horse that rebels with all efforts that it doesn’t agree with which would otherwise be for its good. It’s a stallion that kicks the crud out of everything and everyone around it with great consequences of destruction and wasted potential.

When there is an out of control stallion with great potential that kicks at every effort to rein it in, people scatter. The force and intentions of the hind legs of that rebellion will hurt antagonists and innocent bystanders alike. The cross posts of the fence get knocked out with the frantic rejection of authority over the power and potential. Things get messed up by the immaturity and stubbornness of what might seem to be legitimate apprehension of yielding control.

If and when the rebellious stallion yields to the legitimate authority in its life, it will finally rest. Remember the scenes from Westerns when the bronco is finally broken? It is peaceful and submitted through heavy breath and sweat which reflect the battle it had just raged against control. That rest, especially by contrast to the chaos of the resistance, is peaceful.

There is peace available to us that exceeds understanding but it’s counterintuitive to what the world would suggest:

  • It’s a peace that comes with submission and relinquishment.
  • It’s a peace that comes when we stop kicking the restraints and accept the bit.
  • It’s a peace that comes from knowing who we are.
  • It’s a peace that comes when we see ourselves as the champions we can be by His design and reject the lies that the stallions believe regarding the need to protect themselves.

Stallions are orphans with no other options for their provision, protection or place. Champions know their place is assured because of Whose they are as much as because of who they are.


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