Harnessed Power

thoroughbred_horse_racingMost of us realize the purpose of our design towards greater things than are immediately evident in our present circumstances. We can practically see, touch and feel the pull towards a destiny that exceeds our current reality. The tension is between restraint of desire for the sake of practical responsibility vs. unleashed passion towards fulfillment of a legitimate great and glorious purpose.

That pull to run as fast as possible towards the finish line is like the heart of a champion thoroughbred racehorse. It’s the engine that drives the vessel towards its ultimate goal and it’s a legitimate part of our design. That’s the way that God intended the zealous playing out of a powerful Kingdom.

The thing about the racehorse is that it didn’t know how to race to win when it was young. It knew how to run and it’s heart was passionate about running. At first, however, it didn’t want any control over that passion. It knew it was a racehorse, but didn’t believe it needed the control of reigns or weight of a rider.

I’m no expert horseman or anything, but believe from Westerns that horses will likely resist the first reigns introduced to their mouths and may buck the first rider. The bit that connects the reigns sits in the horse’s mouth and the first reaction will likely be to spit that bit out of its mouth. The horse has to take the bit to allow for the reigns which the rider will use for the control necessary to recognize the full potential of the champion racehorse.

  • The reigns dictate direction by applying pressure through the bit which influences speed and turns.
  • It’s a harness to the unbridled passions and abilities. It’s a restraint necessary for the realization of potential. It’s objectionable yet necessary.
  • Meekness is harnessed strength. It’s the re-direction of otherwise powerful but out of control intentions towards a legitimate purpose.
  • It’s capturing the complete potential through limiting the time and direction of application at the hand and discretion of another. It’s non-negotiable when considering destiny.

We all need to take the bit. Not only the bit that God might impose on us for the direction of our lives, but also the bit that God will allow to a rider. Most of us can accept the direction of the Lord, but what about when that direction comes through authority He delegates to man? What about when He delegates authority to the unrighteous? Remember Saul as king over David?

Harnessing our potential towards a destiny will make that destiny attainable. It’s not about how fast we are able to run by ourselves, but how well we run the race, which involves others including a rider. It’s slowing down and yielding control to realize our full potential, but it requires the discomfort of a bit we would rather spit out.

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