Three in One With One Destination

Fishing_Weekend_Vacation_Pickup_Truck_Clipart-01LTWhat if you got in the car to head out on vacation with your family and there was no agreement regarding where you would spend the next week? In fact, what if there where misunderstandings regarding that destination and each person got to give directions that the driver would listen to along the way? At best, you would end up lost and confused. At worst, angry and contentious as each member of the party grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of unity in the direction.

There is only one destination for us. There is no plan “B” and there is no valid argument that there is anything other than the original design. The original plan is still the plan and the plan is the love of the Father.

I love how the Holy Spirit directs Paul to close 2 Corinthians: “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”

  1. The grace of Jesus
  2. The love of God
  3. The fellowship of the Holy Spirit

The fellowship of the Holy Spirit is here and now. Fellowship is intimate and sharing; it’s interactive and intertwined. It’s God with us, living life and ever-present. It’s our invitation in by evidence of His present reality.

The grace of Jesus is our way into the purpose of our existence. It’s a benefit we haven’t earned. It’s the manifestation of love through sacrifice and we get a reward we could never imagine. It makes the unapproachable inviting.

The love of God is His purpose for us. He’s a Dad and He loves us. It was the goal all along. It’s always been about Him and His love for us. He’s always wanted to love us. He is for us and takes joy in the joy that we find in Him. He is good and He is for us better than you or I could ever be on our best day as parents.

They all agree. The Holy Spirit draws us into Jesus and Jesus restores us to the Father. When we know His love, we have love to give. With God as our Source, we love and worship Him while also loving others. We are changed by His love and make Him the object of our affection by receipt of His affection.

We are the ones on the voyage that sometimes calls out “take a left here” when everyone knows we need to stay straight. The crazy, awesome thing is that love lets us miss a turn and grace accepts us back while fellowship is never broken.

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