Four Limitations We All Need Help With

camp staffWe are born into certain common conditions which are the limitations of our humanity. Left to our own devices, there is a ceiling we won’t get beyond. The capacity of our destiny is dependent on our acknowledgment of our restraints. If we’ll allow for redemption of the restraints, the eternal exchange multiplies our potential.

Redemption requires acknowledgment. If I don’t actually believe I have a need, I’ll never seek to resolve that need and likely never see improvement in that area of need. According to Matthew 8:17, Jesus came to cure our common condition. In that passage, the prophet Isaiah is quoted and it states, ““He Himself took our infirmities and carried away our diseases.”

Infirmities and diseases are different. Diseases are sickness while infirmities are weaknesses. The definition of “infirmities” includes two areas of weakness: body and soul. The weaknesses of the body are its natural limitations and frailty. We also have limitations of our mind, will and emotions; the components of our soul.

According to definition, the weaknesses of the soul that are inherent in our infirmities are a lack of capacity in the following areas:

  1. our ability to understand
  2. our ability to do great and glorious things
  3. our ability to restrain ourselves from corrupt desires
  4. our ability to persevere through trials

There is not a single one of us that has not been tested in one or more of those areas. There is not one of us that can completely overcome our lack in all four of those areas simply by trying harder. We need help to get beyond our limitations. We need grace to get beyond our limitations.

Here is the good news: according to Matthew 8:17, Jesus “took” our infirmities. Those weaknesses are bought and paid for and He took them on Himself. We don’t have to be limited in these areas forever. We can receive the redemption available through Him for those limitations to become abilities.

The exact same word as “took” is used in Romans 5:17 but this time it is translated as “receive.” What Jesus “took,” we can “receive” the exchange for through Him. Receiving in this case isn’t a passive waiting for something to come to us; it’s going to Him to appropriate what He has bought and paid for.

How do we appropriate the redemption of these inferior conditions of our soul? By His abundance of grace to reign in life (Romans 5:17). We go to Him and ask; sold out on Him provided our remedy with no plan B of our own striving. We rest in Him and He is faithful.

In Him is the treasure of redemption that exchanges our lack and gives us the 1) ability to understand things, 2) the ability to restrain ourselves, 3) the ability to persevere and 4) the ability to do great and glorious things. All we have to do is rest in Him.

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