7 Things that Hold Back Our Purpose

Burmese_crowd_welcomes_Barack_Obama's_motorcadeWhat if much of the stuff that you want to do is completely doable from where you are currently position? What if the thought of opportunity to make an impact is an illusion in as much as the opportunity is present and real here and now? What if the management of this produces or delays the realization of the next thing?

Many people are interested in serving a greater call, especially as they enter seasons of maturity that quicken a desire for legacy and significance. When I was in my 30’s, I read Half Time; from Success to Significance, by Bob Buford, and was dramatically impacted in my perspective regarding what I wanted to do with my life. That book prompted me into efforts to make a difference from the point that I first read it to this very day.

The trap, however, would be to believe that I have reached the goal because now I work for a church. I get to intentionally invest in the eternal with people every day, but that doesn’t mean the opportunities and investments weren’t there before. It certainly doesn’t mean that your opportunity isn’t enormous from any job you may hold.

The edge of the battle between light and darkness isn’t usually in a church but in the very workplaces that the people of the church go to every day. Those places need hope, encouragement and life and the contrast can be inviting when we walk with Him on display through us. Those people won’t come to a church, but the church should be in front of them every day.

Traps and side tracks that distract us from the reality of the opportunity we have day in and day out include:

  1. Believing ministry is about a degree, position or platform
  2. Comparing our ministry with others and feeling inferior by comparison
  3. Waiting until we feel better equipped
  4. Waiting until we get an invitation from a church leader
  5. Discounting our impact when someone we have invested in is struggling
  6. Thinking we can’t do it like so and so, so we can’t do it well enough to matter
  7. Mistaking our identity as a _________ (lawyer, doctor, shoe salesman) instead of the minister, priest that we are in Christ

Steward what is in your hand. Who is hurting right in front of you? Offer comfort and encouragement. Share life. Share Him. Enjoy that . . . the rest will take care of itself in due course.


4 thoughts on “7 Things that Hold Back Our Purpose

  1. #3, waiting until we feel better equipped is a real killer. How often do we fail to understand that the Holy Spirit is going to work through us, exactly as we are currently equipped?

  2. It may not make the list, but a trap I fall in to regularly is expecting the “seed” i plant to grow into its fullness right in front of my eyes. I regularly want to see the fruit of my labor.

    • Yeah, our desire to see the fruit does not always match God’s timing on when that fruit will be born. I love the fruit. That is part of what drives my passion for hearing someone’s testimony and story.

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