Beyond the Soul

jaragua-residence-everythingwithatwist-02-650x651We are getting flooded with stimulus that calls us into action. More accurately, things are prompting us to reaction. We take note of the threats, opportunities and needs that stimulate our mind, will and emotions into a frenzy of planning, working and doing. We logically process the world around us and respond on its terms. The outside stirs up our inside and to find peace and comfort in the ensuing anxiety, we scramble to fix everything at once.

Instead of working from the outside-in, what if we started to work from the inside-out? Instead of processing through our soul (mind, will and emotions), what if we worked from His Spirit which resides in us (if we’ve responded to His invitation for Him to live within us)?

What makes us different from the world if we are responding from the same motivations and fears that the world is a slave to? Since the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is available and living within us, shouldn’t we at least consider working from His power instead of our own?

It’s OK to not know the answer and not have the fix. It’s OK to allow God to work things out on our behalf. It requires an active faith and not just a theoretical, Sunday-morning faith, but it’s good because He is good and He is for us.

When Adam and Eve fell in the garden, they did not physically die even through God told them that they would die. Their life beyond their rebellion did not make God out to be a liar. Their spirit, which was His spirit within them, died. The Life that He had breathed into them to make them living creatures was now dead so all they were left with was the soul of an orphan.

That’s what Jesus came to restore; the living breath of God within us. We can be born again, a new creation from the inside-out, when we welcome His grace to restore us with the Father. The realization of our adoption through His grace affords us the rights, privileges, benefits and favor of a son. We are heirs through Christ; co-heirs with Him. Yet, we battle our orphan soul.

The response of an orphan is always, “what do I have to do to take care of myself?” They (we) always want to do. We want to do something to earn something. We want approval through our efforts. Our efforts are controllable and orphans want to control the outcomes as there is no trust in receiving anything that isn’t acquired via effort.

There’s nothing we have to do. Just be. Be a son and receive the fullness of grace that Jesus has paid for. Let Him respond as an Advocate from the inside-out instead of striving to acquire and respond from the outside-in.

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