buffaloIt’s easier to do it than to lead it. The harder road is the one which yields the doing to another for their benefit. The release is powerful for the multiplication of the vision and necessary for the sustainability of the movement. Yet, it’s easier to hold on.

Many times leaders get promoted to places of leadership because they have a gift, ability and skill in a particular area. They have applied those abilities in a productive way such that they are recognized. Their gifts make a way for them and they are placed in positions where they lead others in doing the thing(s) in which they have proven ability.

Being excellent at something does not equate to leadership, however. The leader facilitates the promotion of others, which is the entire reason they were advanced into their position of influence. Their promotion was one into multiplication where they used to work in addition. The trap is to continue to add despite the mechanism for multiplication being at their disposal.

Leaders get out-of-the-way to allow for others to step up. When they allow for others to stretch, there has to be a tolerance for the development of the gifts in others. Development indicates that there is room to grow and that room to grow likely means that the ability of the emerging other is not as excellent as that of the proven leader. If the leader won’t allow for the development of excellence at the cost of mistakes, there will be no multiplication as the growth of the other will be halted.

We are in the second year of the men’s ministry which I was given the responsibility to begin. I’ve found myself increasingly giving over opportunities for others to stretch and develop in their gifts. Sometimes it is at the expense of how I would prefer it to go in the moment. That expense is a small price to pay for the health, sustainability and multiplication of what can be a movement of men. The movement of men cannot be a movement of Scott, so others have to be developed to multiply beyond my limited capacity.

This isn’t easy. This requires a release not only to the developing leaders, but to God. I have to trust God that He is the One that does and will do. I have to believe and trust that He is the one that ministers in the first place, not me and not the emerging leaders. I have to rest in Him as others are representing Him from their unique relationship with Him.

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