Viral Multiplication

viral-marketing1I’ve been writing this blog for about four years. Most of the posts are viewed by a certain audience. The traffic is solid and steady with spikes at certain times and based on certain topics. A few times, however, a post caught real momentum via social media, got shared numerous times and led to increased attention for that particular article. Once or twice, it went a bit crazy and certainly met the definition of going “viral.”

The most viral post I ever had been fun to watch. There were views and shares from all around the world for several days. The result, of course, is that there are people reading the blog that don’t know me and don’t even know people who know me. It was completely removed from me other than the fact that it was my name in the address.

The Kingdom of God is meant and designed to go viral. In fact, it’s been going viral for centuries and evidence of the Kingdom is virility.

  • The Kingdom advances through by other means than simply gathering in a building on Sunday mornings
  • The Kingdom is, and always has been, lived in community
  • This means that we need multiplication of smaller communities extending beyond the larger corporate gatherings in order to expand

I’m increasingly convinced that the delivery mechanism for societal impact is small groups. That doesn’t invalidate the larger gatherings which are celebratory and resourceful. It simply shifts the focus to the carrying out of the priesthood from the main stage on a Sunday morning to the marketplace, living rooms and coffee shops in communities throughout the week.

Many people who are desperate for Jesus won’t go to a church. Among other things, they are intimidated with the apparent perfection of the current attendees versus their own obvious imperfection. Of course, this perception is invalid as church folks are just as normal as normal folks. The perception creates barriers, just the same.

Those same people are much more inclined to accept an invitation to a neighbor’s house than they are to want to go to a church building. These types of meetings are the church and they foster the presence of God virally beyond the centralized time and place.

Viral expansion of the Kingdom of God is via relationships and it’s practically impossible to experience relationship in a room with hundreds or even thousands of other people. It’s more intimate than the celebratory gathering and it’s the place where the priesthood of the believer is activated to be the church. Intentionally meeting with believers to facilitate His presence in places other than a church creates a vessel to carry the Kingdom beyond where the institutional church can reach.

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