Look, Feel, Act

soldiersIt sure does help when you know who you are. When you know who you are, it is going to reflect in the way that you dress and carry yourself and it’s going to reflect in every decision you make. When you know who you are, other people are going to recognize you for who you are, as well.

When I was an army officer, if a soldier had a sloppy uniform or bad haircut or was out of shape, we would remind them. We would correct the deficiency down to the seemingly minor detail. The purpose of the correction wasn’t for the sake of the uniform problem or hair that might be a little too long. Those things didn’t have practical ramifications. The correction was to remind the soldier who they were. The saying was “when you look like a soldier, you’ll feel like a soldier and when you feel like a soldier, you’ll act like a soldier.”

Jesus quotes Isaiah 61 in His announcement of His ministry. That passage in Isaiah which Jesus quoted goes on to tell us who we are. The effect of the ministry of Jesus was that He changed our identity.

Isaiah 61:6 says, “but you shall be called the priests of the Lord;
they shall speak of you as the ministers of our God.”

Jesus made a way for us to enjoy benefits of righteousness, restoration, honor and joy, among other things. And those benefits come to through our place as priests of the Lord; ministers of God. It’s important for us to know and embrace so that we can look like priests, feel like ministers and act like both.

According to Jesus, part of the promise is that we are:

  1. Priests of the Lord – this has implications or authority and even royalty. This is an elevation from common to uncommon. This is not for seminary graduates, it is for disciples of Jesus. We are royal priest through the sacrifice of the Royal Priest.
  2. Ministers of our God – to minister is to serve; so we are servants of our God. This validates the benefit of the priest as Jesus modeled this in His declaration that He “came not to be served but to serve” (Matt 20:28).

If we don’t know who we are and at least intend to look like it, feel like it and act like it, we’ll be missing the things He has bought and paid for which are intended for us to be a part of. We are invited all the way into the fullness of all that He has done for us and don’t have to go to a place on a Sunday to watch other people do the stuff. The stuff of the priesthood is to be carried out every day in our homes, workplace and communities. Sometimes we just need to be reminded.

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