That’s the Truth

Lie-Truth-Public-Domain-450x337There’s often a difference between what we believe and what we think we believe. Because we view everything from the limitations of our individual perspective, it can be difficult to determine what we really believe. We include our “want to” beliefs and “think I probably should” beliefs as well as our “the way I was raised beliefs.”

The things we actually believe are evident in our behaviors and choices. That’s at least true of the things we believe the strongest in a particular moment. What we want to think we believe gives way to the strength of things in our soul that combat the purity we think we believe with.

John 3:36 says, “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life . . . ”

Belief is directly tied to obedience. A set of memorized doctrines does not equate to belief. A set of memorized doctrines simply sets the target in place for us to decide. We decide every day, moment by moment. We believe what we choose.

There are only two categories that beliefs are driven by; truth and lies:

  • Truth is eternal; lies will not stand the test of time
  • Truth is fixed and never moves; lies meet us in places we want to go
  • Truth is strong in its conviction; lies feed compromise
  • Truth is offensive; lies placate people
  • Truth waits on us; lies pursue victims
  • Truth brings order; lies invite chaos
  • Truth is a place for agreement; lies defeat unity
  • Truth leads to depth of life; lies are destructive
  • Truth yields the peace that comes from consistency; lies bring confusion

The measure of our belief is truth, not our intentions. Our intentions are susceptible to deceit and distort the constant of truth. Where situations in our lives are filled with order and peace and an abundance of life, we know that the truth has been given room to have its way there.

Where there are places in our lives that have been driven by lies as evidenced by the chaos, confusion, compromise and destruction, the task at hand is to decide what we believe. We get to seek out truth and choose it accordingly. The result will be a shift in the outcomes to reflect our true beliefs.

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