You Talking to Me?

Deutsches_Freimaurermuseum_Bayreuth_-_inventory_(155)You are, or you should be. I am, at least when I’m in the right spot. It’s not a question of if, but to what degree. It’s not about trying not to be, it’s about accepting the reality and allowing for the possibilities. It’s the most ironic, paradoxical equation that mankind has ever faced. If we don’t go there, where we were all along, we can’t enjoy the promise of beyond. Once we taste of beyond, we can’t forget that we’re still there or we’ll be stuck.

The condition I’m referring to is broken. Jacked up from the floor up and messed up from the inside-out. The only way to get beyond the limitations of our condition is by an accurate inventory of our void. Backward is forward, less is more, last is first. Welcome to the Kingdom of God.

Jesus called it out in people from the side of a mountain in Matthew 5 in the preamble to His sermon, which is known as the beatitudes. Blessed are the poor, broken, meek, hungry, merciful, persecuted, etc. He was speaking to the listeners, but moved beyond their ears to speak to their hearts. He went beyond whatever socio-economic status they brought with them that day and directly to the various and diverse crevices of their hearts.

He went to the heart first before going into the teaching. The teaching wasn’t going to land on good soil until the reality of their condition was identified. Identification is not a fatalistic surrender to the present reality; it is a starting point towards redemption. Calling out the absence of God within us allows us to exchange our crud for His glory. We are designed to be Glory carriers, but His Glory won’t dwell with our frailty.

Two chapters later, His teaching culminates with the promise that if we’ll listen with ears to hear and do what He says, we’ll be better than we were when He found us. Our insecure condition in which He found us will give way to Him as our security. We’ll exchange our faulty foundation as orphans and stand as sons on Him as our Rock. From His eternal strength we can enjoy the promise of the teaching He offers.

The first step towards His foundation is recognizing that He’s actually talking to us and not just those people on that hill thousands of years ago. He addressed them and calls us not by any name tag but by the condition in which He finds us. He finds us there with a promise and a better way which is beyond the limits of our imagination. It starts with an accurate inventory.

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