Sunday Every Day

communionThe only way to sustain belief is to operate from it. It’s not possible to foster growth and depth without actually doing the stuff that otherwise is untested theory. The things that we hold important require us to take action to avoid atrophy of our convictions. Reduced to a consumeristic observation, the depth of truth gives way to the limitations of entertainment. Use it or lose it.

Simply going to a place and listening to a guy for long enough is going to eventually generate doubts. The spectator version of the New Covenant is not a legitimate version, at all. The viral, organic, movement of the Kingdom which was unleashed by Jesus requires an engagement of every domain of society, not just at a building on Sunday mornings. So, by the Sovereign design of the King, the Kingdom requires people and people require the Kingdom.

This plays out in multiple ways as we mature in faith:

  1. When we find a treasure, we’ll eventually want to share it. We’ll feel some compulsion to participate in “ministry” which requires an outlet. Legitimate gifts need legitimate expressions.
  2. There’s only one stage on Sunday mornings, so if that’s the only way/place to express the design of our purpose, then we’ll become frustrated and likely critical. The narrow perspective of a Sunday morning experience eventually evokes division, not unity.
  3. Smaller group expressions that are actually just junior Sunday mornings with a teacher and students will foster some greater sense of community but no greater opportunity for growth.
  4. Meeting after meeting, Bible study after Bible study, conference after conference without any pass through will lead to spiritual constipation.

Two things are required to avoid this from unfolding and eventually unraveling:

  1. Small groups that are life-giving, participating and empowering. The gifts of the members of the group need to be called out, encouraged and exercised. The “leader” is more a “facilitator” than he/she is a teacher.
  2. Vision to impact society. Everything that is strictly internally focused will eventually implode. The members of the group need encouragement in their carrying of the Kingdom into the various workplaces they spend the majority of their week in.

Christ is the head, and the Body is meant to reflect the head. That means the head can’t be a guy with a degree from a place that equates to him taking the place which was reserved for Jesus. The whole Body has a role. Every member of the Body is immediately qualified upon knowing Him to share Him within and outside of the Body. No need to wait until Sunday.


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