Rest of the Day

street-lamp-and-sunsetWe can take things into our own hands and without even realizing what we are doing. Our best intentions towards not letting things affect us can give way to our deeper desires to control. That control short-cuts us to an end that is only a perverted substitute for the intended outcome. Well, maybe I’m presuming too much when I say “we” and maybe it’s just me.

For me, anyway, I’m seeing that I’ve developed patterns of behavior that come from my desire for comfort and peace. I assume that we all want comfort and peace and further assume that it’s a core want. It’s such a want that we’ll do what we can to foster, nurture and preserve it.

What I’m noticing is that for years I’ve chosen one of two reactions to things that threaten my peace. In the fact of conflict with or opposition to my peace, I tend to either:

  1. Retreat – withdrawing emotionally and, once possible, physically, to frame my environment in such a way that it does not include the stimulus which stirred my negative emotions.
  2. Attack – charging through the ambush in an attempt to overwhelm the enemy of my peace to bring things back in my order through defeat of those things that were a threat.

As I’ve grown in the Lord, I’ve increasingly valued and pursued His presence. I do that by waking early and being alone and quiet. I read, write, sometimes worship and almost always drink coffee. I have a routine, a room, a chair, a lamp, etc.; it’s all set up for me to experience the peace of God’s presence.

That’s good. I should keep doing that and so should you. The only thing is that the power of God’s presence is meant to be experienced in every moment of every day. Every storm and every lull in the storm. The peace of His presence as Comforter is a gift that we should not relegate to tomorrow morning.

The controllable, predictable time alone should mature into recognition of peace via presence and comfort from the Comforter all of the time. There is nothing that should offend me. There is nothing that should shake me. There is nothing that should worry me. Not when it is in the proper context and compared to the certainty of His presence.

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