Source of Honor

1280px-Medal_of_Honor_ribbonEvery once in a while, we get to see a little deeper. We get to peel back the onion one more layer and enjoy a fresh perspective which was there all along but not evident from our point of view. A little over a week ago, I received a deeper glimpse into honor.

For the past few years, honor has been brought to the forefront of my thinking. First, I became more aware, then more educated, then more intentional, then more tested and eventually more convinced that I don’t know anything about honor at all. As much as I try to want to, there are times that nothing in me wants to honor except when it’s driven by motivations that are the opposite of honor.

As I set out to lead men on a Quest last week (see Tuesday’s post), I was praying and thanking God that I get to do this. I love getting to walk in purpose that has eternal implications and love the opportunity to agree with God in how He sees men despite their flaws. So I pray and I thank Him and recognize that it’s Him that’s leading them, I’m just invited along for the ride and as an instrument He may or may not choose to employ for their benefit and His purposes.

In thanking Him that I am invited, equipped and commissioned by Him to do this, I prayed thanksgiving for the honor of getting to co-labor in this thing. As I prayed that specific prayer, it occurred to me that He does, in fact, give me honor in allowing me to be involved at all. God honors me. He honors all of us.

He commissions us (see: the Great Commission) for His purposes. He invites us in our flawed, temporal state into His perfect, eternal purposes. He honors us despite our inadequacy and employs us despite our limitations. He doesn’t need us, He chooses to include us.

That was the first thing . . . that God honors me (us). The second thing that comes from the first thing is that makes Him the source of honor. In fact, He is the source of everything that is good, perfect and eternal. He is the source of love, joy, peace, patience, etc. Without His supply, we are just trying to generate His stuff from our lack.

The prayer was good for me. The realization was one that accepted His honor and that acceptance was the source of honor which I could then give away. When I can’t figure out to honor the seemingly dishonorable, I need to go back to the Source. He will supply.

2 thoughts on “Source of Honor

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