Don’t Miss It

IMG_2228A week ago today I woke up and was preparing to leave town. I was leaving that day to lead a group of men on a Quest. This Quest wasn’t my first trip with this purpose, in fact, it’s been something of a lifestyle since 2008. I started my Quest seven years ago and now take other men to initiate theirs.

The greater the value of the treasure that you pursue, the more perpetual that pursuit likely will be. There is no finish line but there is definitely a starting point. While you may never finish, you’ll never start unless you decide to.

In the military, there were certain graphics and phrases associated with operations and one of those graphics was “SP” which indicated when/where you were to begin the mission. It was absolutely, positively imperative that you “hit your SP” at the right time. If you were late, the next unit over would be exposed due to your tardiness and the whole mission might be compromised. Late was not an option. Missing your SP could cost you dearly.

This particular Quest wasn’t to set out for gold or riches, but the treasure that is in each of us. It is a Quest to discover and connect with the heart of God. From His heart, we find restoration and affirmation. He calls out our true identity and sets us in motion in our purpose towards our destiny. It’s a destiny we may not fully realize but the purpose brings value regardless of the outcome.

I’ve been Questing after the heart of God for years now. I am not seeking religion or promotion in the structures of man which support the pursuit of God, but I am seeking God Himself. Sometimes He feels so close that I feel like I can detect Him with all of my senses. Sometimes not so much. The Quest continues and 24 others were presented their “SP” this past week.

There are many ways to begin your Quest . . . all you really need is a “yes” to the invitation of God to be found. If you are interested in the vehicle God has used to provide a framework for my Quest as well as that of many others, check out Don’t miss your “SP.”

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