Heart Surgery

heartsWhat about when it’s not about what you do, but who you are? What about when you are cruising along thinking that you are doing what you are supposed to do and you realize there’s something inside of you that needs to change? Inside means inside; not circumstances but character. It’s not something you can change other than by being open to being changed.

I’m a type-A, driven kind of guy and I usually move with some purpose towards the things that I believe I am called to. I realize and welcome that things are changing in me as things are changing around me. I realize and welcome that there is maturing and perfecting that is going on while I do the stuff that I am focused on doing. For the first time in a while, however, the realization of a deeper work within me has hit me. There is an opportunity for some serious transformation of the heart and it’s a little scary.

There is a difference in our (my) willingness to be vulnerable when that vulnerability isn’t about what I’m learning by circumstances as much as it is God wanting to change something in me. I’ve been through it before and it (He) is always good and faithful. I always have come out better than I’ve started. Still, it’s not comfortable getting real about the faults which have become so second nature. Knowing the favor of the outcome doesn’t mean I don’t flinch or blink at the pain of the process.

God is opening me up to expose some areas that I need to grow up in. I can either submit to the procedure of pridefully resist the opportunity. To the best of my ability, I’m “in.” Not comfortable as I write that as I know that it’s likely not easy. I’m “in” for the increase of His glory within me that lies beyond the pain, at least I’m trying to be.

I haven’t been opened up like this in a while. Sure, He has taken me places and exposed things in me that have been dealt with but this feels different. This is a deep cut. This is core to my identity.

The opportunity is for a multiplication of potential. When any of us submit to the inner workings of a Redeemer that wants to take our junk and exchange it for His glory, the potential of our destiny grows far beyond the pain of our exchange. He wants to transform us from glory to glory to increasingly allow for Him to be on display within us. He wants to take every fear, doubt, insecurity, lack of belief and other restraint and give us the release of a King.

Not just me, all of us. You in, too?

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