Never Alone

simple-handshakeIt’s almost counter-intuitive, but we actually can be too diligent in carrying out our business. We can be about the stuff that we have to do and justify ourselves based on our activity and effort. The hustle of accomplishment can replace the depth of purpose.

This is true with all kinds of pursuits, not just marketplace, for-profit endeavors. We can mistaken our good deeds as eternally righteous simply because they seem to fall within the framework of “good.” That perception of good can leave out the most important component to validate its goodness, however.

When Jesus commissioned the first disciples to go and make disciples of all the nations in Matthew 28, He did so with a promise. The promise follows the commissioning with an “and” to indicate its inclusion as part of the deal. Jesus sends them and connects the following promise, “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

So many times, we get the command part and get about the doing of it. We want to be justified by our obedience and good works, so we think we grasp the idea of what needs to be accomplished and we run ahead to do “God’s work” so that he can “use us.” When we do that, however, we are missing a major part of His point and plan. He didn’t intend to send us about His business without Him.

Disciple making is to be done with Him, not for Him. He doesn’t really need us, He chooses to invite us into the mission that He is fully capable of accomplishing on His own. We are invited to come along, not to do our own thing.

  • Disciple making is dependent on the presence of God.
  • Only by the presence of God will someone be drawn into the spiritual encounter of the Holy Spirit quickening them towards salvation.
  • Only by the testimony of the Holy Spirit can someone hear in their spirit that they are His son.
  • Only by the revelation of the Holy Spirit can someone know things of Him deeper than their intellect to the point that it actually becomes part of them.

Co-missioned includes the “co,” not just the mission. We can take part in what He is doing and do it with Him, but the minute we run ahead to do it on our own, we have replaced His mission with our own. That is the point that we cross over from relational co-laboring to religious self-justification. That is the point we need to stop and join Him in what He is doing.

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