Reality Check

blind spotDecember 31st is a good day to take an inventory. We can look back on the prior year and consider the good, the bad and the ugly. Bobb Biehl teaches to expand and develop the unexpected “wins” of the last year. Those things that went well which you might not have planned on but that can provide some momentum. I’m not sure if he teaches it or not, but the flip side of that coin is to dump the junk that you’ve picked up along the way that isn’t doing anybody any good.

While this can be accomplished individually with reliance on self-awareness, there is no way to know what you don’t know. The value of a third-party perspective is that they have a view of your blind spots. They can help you honestly assess the possibly imperceptible ways your lens has become distorted. From that distortion, any one of us can adopt lies as truth with the best of intentions. In the identification of the blind spots, we can clean up our lens and replace the lies with the truth.

When I practiced law, I was knee-deep in people’s problems all of the time. I would try to be an agent of hope and healing, but the fact is that the environment would get on me. The environment was so extreme that even a residue from that darkness could chip away at my perspective. The fall isn’t over a cliff, it’s in the seemingly minor compromises.

I would check out for a check up almost quarterly. I would step out of the environment to allow the truth to become true to me again and the contrast to become apparent. There were men I would live with that I was honest and open with who would speak life into and over me. I would be washed by the water of the Word and return to the battlefield.

Most of us won’t go back to work until next Monday. If you haven’t already done so, take some time to intentionally meet or talk with someone(s) that you can trust and ask them some questions like:

  1. What do you see in my life over the past year that appears to be God’s favor and direction for me?
  2. Have you noticed anything, no matter how small, that catches your attention as troubling?
  3. If you were me, what would you recommend to minimize the negative and capitalize on the positive developments from the past year?

Then, and only after they have given you their feedback without your opinions, give them your best self-assessment and how it may line up with their observations. If there is a discrepancy, consider the potential blind spots they have identified and develop a plan to share with them.

God calls us from glory to glory so it’s worthwhile to consider where His glory has been evident and where it has been evidently lacking. From that assessment, He will begin to reveal tomorrow’s glory and you won’t be as susceptible to the blind spots that might otherwise jeopardize the fullness of His plans for your destiny.

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