Leaving the Eve

the-night-christmas-was-bornIt’s the eve of Christmas. Tomorrow is the day we celebrate and today we start to stop so we can celebrate tomorrow, kind of. That is, we likely aren’t “stopping” a whole lot today as some are still working, some are traveling and many others are still shopping. Just the same today is the last day before the day.

I’ve been considering the idea of “eve.” With it brings certain anticipation and preparation. It is a stepping off point and a bit of a buffer of transition from “normal” to “special.” It’s not the special day, but it’s not normal, either.

Without stepping into tomorrow, today will have no significance. If we never fully enter the fullness of the day that tomorrow is intended then today is the eve of nothing for us. It would be like going to the dock but not getting on the boat.

Jesus wasn’t born in the sterility of a nativity scene and He didn’t arrive like Clark Kent with special powers while only appearing to be human. Jesus chose to step down from heaven and be human. The human condition is everything you likely already experience, but worse in the sense that most of us reading this have it good. We are likely all safe and warm and relatively comfortable. A barn is a barn and Jesus was born in a barn.

He didn’t do it so we could exchange presents once a year or go to church the night before. He did it to bring Heaven to earth. He did it so that we could know the Father. What Adam lost for us, Jesus was restoring.

The only way to know tomorrow is to leave today. If we don’t leave the eve and step into what He paid for, we’ll always be anticipating and never experiencing. Eve isn’t special without the day that follows. Christmas isn’t special without meeting Jesus where He chose to meet us.

Have you stepped from knowing that Christmas is coming to knowing that Christ has come? Have you left the potential of eve today to knowing the fullness of Christmas tomorrow and every tomorrow after that? Knowing that Christmas is coming isn’t the same as knowing Christ, who has come. Ask Him if you’ve known Him in the barn. Ask Him if you’ve known Him at the Cross. Ask Him if you’ve known Him in His glory.

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