Move Out and Engage

battleThere is a saying in military strategy that states, “Tactics win battles, but logistics win wars.” In other words, the fighting of the battle will bring victory in a particular engagement with two units opposing each other. That victory is critical as without winning the head to head matchup, there is no advancement or successful defense. At the same time, the need is greater than a disjointed or unsustainable campaign. There needs to be support and coordination in such a way that there is a common goal with the necessary resources to defeat the enemy.

As I’ve considered the status of the American church, particularly the mega-church, that’s where I’ve landed. The church is the logistical supply point. Individuals and families come in for an encounter in which they are ¬†encouraged, equipped and patched up where there have been casualties. They should get filled back up in the safety and abundance of community in order to go back out and take the fight to the enemy on the front lines of the battle. The battle is in their day-to-day lives as they live out their purpose in the domains of society.

There are a few critical points in this thinking:

  • The church building is not the front line of the battlefield. If we think the church service/building is the point, there is no advancement.
  • This isn’t an individual campaign. Being part of a larger unit provides the necessary supply and environment for us to live out our individual assignment.
  • If there isn’t a transformative, encouraging and equipping in the gathering, the individual carriers of the Kingdom go back into the fray playing defense until the next time they can retreat to the church service.
  • If the individual members of the Body are not walking in purpose as priests and kings to carry the Kingdom into dark places, then they are missing their purpose in whatever work they are doing.
  • The members of a church go to work in hospitals, courthouses, businesses, and other sectors on Monday. The pastors stay in the church building (for the most part). The point is the carrying out, not just the gathering in and the only ones that can do it are the ones that are living life day-to-day “out there.”
  • This should sharpen the focus of the gatherings to target the equipping of the saints, as described in Ephesians 4: 12 (“to equip the saints for the work of ministry”) for the ultimate purpose. Catch that? The work of the ministry is the work of the saints who are attending church, not the leaders of the church.

If “they” aren’t going, then “we” aren’t relevant. As a guy that works at the logistical supply point, my job is to fill “them” up with all the fuel, ammo and supplies they need to take the fight to the enemy. It’s not to entertain them until next week.

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