The Power of One

man and woman

Sometimes it’s good to do something a little different. The contrast provides fresh insight into why you have been doing the things you do and context for how those things fit in the bigger picture. Recently I took a trip that was different from the trips I am used to taking and the contrast and context were refreshing.

I am accustomed to men’s ministry events where I have the honor of serving men as they seek the heart of God. Recently, I was a part of a team which included my wife that served a similar event except that it was a ladies’ event. So about 40 women and 5 men got on a bus and headed out to draw closer to Him. The male/female interaction was guarded and orderly and the power of the dual voice was evident. In the five days that we were gone, a few very broad and general things that impressed me:

  • The hurt that many women have been subjected to at the hands of men is beyond what most men typically consider. For some of these ladies, it’s a wonder they aren’t curled up in the corner somewhere given what they’ve experienced.
  • The healing that is needed is powerfully delivered through the male voice when it is presented in a healthy, humble and redemptive manner.
  • I was reminded of the feminine nature of God. He is “He” and “Father” and “Son” so we can get caught in a mindset of believing that “she” is something different from His nature. She’s not.
  • Men generally tend to want to skip or suppress the emotions of an experience. That’s an unhealthy processing that fails to inform the reason they want to lean on. Women generally embrace the emotions of the experience and can sometimes be prone to not choosing to submit those emotions to the reasoning they are intended to inform. Neither is healthy and the was we can compliment each other is to call out the strengths in the other while encouraging healthy processing in the blind spots.
  • The dual voice is a powerful picture of the fullness of God. When working in concert/unity, there are possibilities for impact that exceed the limitations of a single gender presentation.
  • Male leaders in the church don’t need to be effeminate to connect with women; they are fully capable, willing and even hungry for input from the masculine voice when it is offered with the appropriate empathy.

Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

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