Second Always Comes After First

sunrise-blue-clogWe can have it all wrong even when we are trying so hard to get it exactly right. All the hand-wringing, strategic-thinking, counsel-seeking can leave us with a big handful of nothing. Nothing but frustration and amended goals and excuses and questions. Nothing but more striving to accomplish the things that we know are within reach but really, deep-down also know that we don’t have the ability to reach them in our own power.

The best that we can do is often not good enough and even when it is, at what cost? Cost of time, treasure and tranquility as we sacrifice all that we have to obtain all that we want? Cost of relationship as we are increasingly consumed with the things that ultimately will be consumed by eternity no matter how well we do?

Then, or in the middle, we cry out to God. Where are You, God? Will You please show up and fix this thing for me? I’m trying to do it to please You, in the first place. Please help me, God! But, sometimes anyway, nothing.

The challenge in the middle of that is that there is no attention on God, at all. He’s a kind of bit player in the overall scheme of our desires and efforts. He’s not the object of our desires, but the objects of our desire are actually lording over the Lord. We’ve reduced Him to a secondary genie we hope to serve our idols.

Won’t work. Ever.

He’s the goal and any other goal is only valid to the degree that He maintains HIs position as the number one pursuit of our passion. Passion born of anything other than Him is perverted. Perverted passion is ultimately idolatry.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God . . . ” never allows for that first to become second. That first is always first and the results is that all the seconds, thirds and fourths can be added to it for as long as first is first. That first of Kingdom is the King’s dominion (King-dom) and that means that the King is first and foremost. He is the point and He is the source. When we seek Him, we find Him, when we find Him, we have no need to strive for the meaningless seconds that sometimes confuse us as firsts.

One thought on “Second Always Comes After First

  1. “…at what cost? Cost of relationship [WITH HIM] as we are increasingly consumed with the things that ultimately will be consumed by eternity no matter how well we do?”

    Amen. Thank you for this Scott.

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