For Their Benefit

webspinI walked out the front door one recent morning to drive my eleven year old daughter, Olivia, to school. She followed behind me as we headed to the car and as I crossed the front porch to step onto the sidewalk to the driveway, I encountered a significant spider’s web. The spider had apparently been busy the night before this morning and the web was not catching any bugs but it was irritating me.

As I kind of fought it off, I remembered that Olivia was following behind me so I started to tell her to watch out for the spider web. Before the words came out of my mouth, however, I realized that by the time she reached the threshold of the front porch where the web had been, it will be there no more. It couldn’t be since it was all over me.

Driving to the school, I realized that I had just lived out a perfect picture of what my role as the head of my home entailed. It was a snapshot of manhood and headship as follows:

  1. I went ahead and cleared a path, making a way for Olivia to travel.
  2. Where there was an obstacle, I cleared it even at some irritation or discomfort to myself
  3. Because I was out front, Olivia didn’t have to encounter the thing that I did
  4. She didn’t even know what had happened, she didn’t realize the benefit since she didn’t experience the threat

If men will take their place as the head with sacrificial intentions, we will encounter many of the threats posed to our families to their benefit. Our place as the head calls for us to take the hits for their benefit, so that the way is made safe in the path that we have cleared for them.

The natural response of consistent sacrifice for the benefit of another is a desire to trust and submit to the one that makes it safe for us. Submission comes most naturally in the vacuum of a force which makes a way for our benefit. We naturally want to follow where it is safe and beneficial. Coercion and convincing become unnecessary.

We don’t have to announce our sacrifice or glory in our duty, we just have to be consistent in our intentions. Taking our place out front for the benefit of those that have been entrusted to us will put them on display much more than it will us. That’s the whole idea.

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