Never the Two Shall Meet

seven sins

There are two paths for our hearts to choose and they can either choose one or the other at any particular moment. As much as most of us like to envision ourselves on the “right” path, there are conditions of our hearts that cannot exist on that path of good intentions. When we give into the depravity of our insecure souls, our spirits are hijacked and taken to a path which they were never designed to travel.

We all want to be honored and we usually believe we are people of honor. Honor, by definition, is giving weight to another. Pride, by contrast, is elevating ourselves. Honor defers to another. Pride attempts to submit others to our elevated perspective of ourselves. The two cannot co-exist; they are opposites.

Honor reflects the character of the one offering it, not the value of the one receiving it. Honor is born out of a security that allows for others to take the place of respect. It defers, encourages and yields sacrificially. That can’t occur from a place of insecurity as the weakness in identity won’t want to be exploited.

Pride also reflects the character of the one offering, not the comparative value of the surrounding comparators. It promotes isolated strengths or perceived strengths in an effort to distract from certain weaknesses. Pride scrapes and claws for recognition at the cost of considering others. It is the evidence of questions regarding identity as the lack of certainty leads to exclamations meant to drown out the doubt.

Pride takes, honor gives. They are opposites. Opposites don’t cozy up together and co-exist. They repel one another and never meet in the middle.

Jesus knew who He was as he walked the earth. His knowledge of standing with the Father afforded Him the security necessary to allow Himself to be hung on a cross. His willingness to hang on a cross for us allowed Him the honor and glory of sitting at the right hand fo the Father.

We’re working it out and in that working out of our salvation, we can go back and forth regarding our confidence in the identity He has paid for. One moment can reflect a deep knowing of our place as sons and the next a desperate grab for self-provision, protection or promotion. If we’ll hang those urges on the cross, we’ll know the fullness of His promise in our lives and walk with the honor that comes naturally with being related to the King.

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