Getting From Here to There

bridgeWe all want to be special. We want to think that the plans for our lives are so unique compared to the mundane of our experience. We want to have a purpose and we want that purpose to be eternal. We want impact for the sake of impact and destiny which calls us into exceptional. Sometimes it gets robbed, distorted or buried, but it’s there within us if we peel back the layers.

For those of faith, we believe that this is God’s will for our lives. We believe that He has big things for us. The fact is, there are Scriptures to support that thought and the only shot at accomplishing eternal impact is in agreement with Him. He’s the author and finisher of eternal.

So we seek Him in prayer and in Scripture and there are times that we get revelations of promises we believe He is making to us and for us, in the context of His Kingdom. We believe deeply that the plan God has designed for us matters beyond the span of our years and that it is good. We are encouraged by the call of His promise from where we sit to where we envision.

All of that is good and there is a little more to the equation. We definitely are “here” and He is definitely calling us “there” in the context of our destiny. So we project the “there” into the “here” and are ready. Go, God, it’s your turn. I’m ready to live out the fullness of the promise You made. Bring it on.

If it’s a legitimate purpose born of God’s design for your life, He will certainly bring it on with that invitation and availability. At the same time, from here to there typically takes a lot longer than most of us care to consider. We want the Star Trek “beam me up” version but the voyage takes considerably longer.

If we were transported from here to there in our current state, we would likely fail and self-destruct once we reach a destiny of any significance. Our character needs to be refined, developed and matured before it is capable of containing the responsibility that coincides with the promise. Simply put, we can’t handle it yet.

There is a process between a word and it’s fulfillment. The process is within us and it is a transformation which exchanges our temporal, immature soul to reflect the fullness of His eternal Spirit in greater measure. The exchange occurs by dying to our soul stuff and trading those things in for more of Him. It’s usually gradual, almost always painful to one degree or another and certainly not predictable within the simplicity of a vision towards our destiny. It’s deep, difficult, demanding and it determines our maturity, which paces our progress. By the time we get through this to get from here to there we are no longer interested in the rewards of the destiny because we are entirely dependent on the companionship of the destiny Maker. That’s when we’re ready.

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