Let it Burn

wall-of-fireSometimes we give credit where credit is not due. We attribute the effect to a cause that is not aligned truthfully. We’ll stand on this alignment shouting in hopes that it will change and our desired results will manifest. We shout and we declare and we battle and we expect. But nothing. Nothing but more of the same as we wonder why our warfare has yielded no peace.

The faulty premise is born of a formula that goes something like this: bad = evil and good = holy. In other words, where we observe difficulty in our circumstances, we conclude that there is an evil scheme intended for our demise. And where things are good and fun and comfortable, God is blessing us. So when something isn’t going the way we want it to, we shout at the devil and demand that he stop. Where things are good, we praise God and call Him great.

That equation leaves God submitted to our circumstances. He is great and holy as long as we are happy and comfortable. In the times where we aren’t feeling so loved and blessed, we turn our attention from Him to the tormentor to try to take care of this situation so God can be great for us again.

God will absolutely allow difficulty in our circumstances for our benefit even in the struggle. He is not absent in our trials, in fact, He may be most evident in our difficulties. He loves us and is not angry and the allowance of the trouble is in accordance with His love.

The next time that you’re in the middle of a difficult situation, maybe the first and final stop should be, “God, what are you doing within me through this?” Maybe that prayer should be followed with, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done . . . ” The opportunity within us is usually born of the circumstances around us. God is faithful to show us the things that He is refining if we’ll look to our own refinement over the correction of our situation.

He’ll use our situations, if we’ll agree with Him, to grow us up to be greater stewards of His glory. That stewardship of Glory can’t be accomplished because we are good people. It only comes when we are refined by the fire that burns off the temporal to expose the eternal within us. Burning burns.

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