The Bridge to the Front Lines

logistics bridge

There is a saying in the military that goes like this: “Tactics win battles. Logistics win wars.” In other words, the fighting at the front lines where there are courageous, trained and skillful decisions made as the bullets are flying will only get you so far. In order to sustain success for the long term, there has to be a supply of ammunition, fuel and food to move the force to ultimate victory. It’s good to win the day, but it’s critical to protect and/or take back the land.

That’s a fair depiction of the task at hand in the context of faith/religion. The pastors/ministers can be skillful on Sunday morning but what happens the rest of the week is what will determine the outcome of a culture and the advancement of a Kingdom. The ministry of a leader of a church is to supply the church with the ammunition, fuel and food that moves that force to a broader victory extending well beyond the four walls of a church building.

The logisitics of the Kingdom equip the front line congregation with freedom, community, encouragement and knowledge for the advancement into the hostile territory of our culture. Too often, the only supply that can be found in a church is knowledge. Knowledge alone will puff a person up with pride that sets them up for a fall.

Everything flows from the heart and the heart must be freed, maintained, cultivated and protected to even receive the knowledge with a hope of reproduction. If the pastoral focus of a congregation doesn’t include a plan for the healing, restoration, fortification and maintenance of people’s hearts, the battle they are heading into will be a mismatch. If the pastors of that congregation aren’t honest about their own maintenance of their hearts, there will be no way that they can take others there.

Tactics win battles and logistics win wars like equipping and feeding prepare the saints/sheep for the advancement of the Kingdom. The Kingdom doesn’t advance in a building on Sundays; that place is already a stronghold and logistical supply point. It’s in the dark places of the marketplace and in relationship with people that won’t come to the supply point that the war is won.


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