How Low Will You Go?


There’s always more. No matter how long you’ve done the deal or how many things you’ve gone to or even led, there is a depth of revelation and maturity available for each of us. There is more in the deeper parts of our souls that couldn’t be reached until those top layers of behaviors were dealt with. Within the depth is the treasure, but many of us rest in the “better than we used to be.”

Have you checked out of the process? Have you stopped asking “search my heart” or stopped going away to intentionally draw near? Have you determined your version of “good” to be “good enough?” The comparison of your current acceptability to your former depravity does not finish the work that was started.

I was cruising along recently “pretty good.” I intentionally drew near to Him, albeit not expecting what He revealed in me. I found a depth of healing and maturity that was available through my repentance. I didn’t know to repent to the heart condition that was “me” instead of “Him” until He showed it to me. He drew near to me as I stepped into Him and He gently uncovered the opportunity for redemption. It was time to trade that in for what it was intended to be.

The sweetness of the invitation was that even though it came as correction, it was correction that yielded benefit for me. He wanted to take me deep within myself to know my unknowable heart a little more accurately. Then He wanted to give me the opportunity to receive a greater measure of His promise in my life. It wasn’t about Him telling me I had done wrong, it was about Him showing me what was available and my natural reaction to the kindness of such a revelation leading me into changing my mind.

God loves you and I the same. He’ll take either of us as far as we are willing to go along for the ride. If we’ll go to the dark places within ourselves with Him, He’ll exchange them for His marvelous light. If we work from the belief that we already did “that” back at some retreat or encounter, we will miss it. We will miss the wooing of a God that wants to love us from the inside-out.

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