Not Home Alone

Why-He-Needs-More-Time-AloneThe only way to get from here to there is to know the transformative agent that moves us from the current to the future. In other words, what works to change things? If we don’t have a grasp on what it is that makes things different, we will spin our wills with activity and good intentions but end up frustrated with our minimal impact. We’ll scramble from one good idea to another trying to be better but the results will be left to little more than luck.

There is a need for a shift in the current to move towards a releasing of every believer to their purpose and destiny in the context of the Kingdom. I don’t believe any of us can pull that off of our own hard work, learning or service. That isn’t pessimistic or fatalistic, its realistic. The reason for that perspective is that I’ve never met a person that can do the kind of inside-out work that is required like the Holy Spirit can. He can breathe life and transformation into the darkest corners of any heart to birth new identity in Christ which is the creation of a Kingdom agent.

The presence of God has to be the primary factor in our vision for organic delivery of the Kingdom from Sunday mornings to the rest of the week/world. That sounds elementary but is that really the focus we maintain in our weekly gatherings? Is that the demand of the attendee and/or the purpose of the leadership that calls them together? Is it the presence of God or the quality of facilities and programs? Is it Holy Spirit power or man-made entertainment?

The simple, yet relevant and necessary call is to welcome the presence of God back to the gatherings of God’s people. We need to change our tone and scope to welcome divine interaction in a corporate setting and not just us getting together to talk about Him. Sometimes that means being quiet. Sometimes that means going off the script. Sometimes it may mean running long and sometimes being done earlier than planned. It means that we come to meet Him and allow Him to move as He chooses. It means that we welcome, foster and yearn for an environment where He is the primary invitee and cater everything we say, sing, pray and do to that central thought.

There is no magic in this and it’s not a “charismatic” idea. Simply taking a minute to be quiet brings incredible realization of His peace and presence in this void of activity compared to a world of activity. Allowing for a minute to let Him speak to individual hearts is simple and uncontrolled, but that one word that an individual receives from Him trumps anything we can possibly plan, preach or program.

He’ll change us, one by one and as a whole, if we’ll at least invite Him into the process. With Him, we’ve got a shot at doing the stuff He’s calling us into. He doesn’t need us to do stuff “for” Him . . . He wants to do His stuff with us.

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