What’s Next? (cont’d . . . )

rubiks cubeThe simplicity of the statement of vision as outlined in my previous post (https://scottprickett.com/2014/09/02/whats-next/) doesn’t do justice to the complexity of the unpacking and re-packing that is required to accomplish that task. There are numerous things that have to occur in order for the hope to become a reality.  To build from the current requires asking questions of re-positioning, not replacement.

A few specific areas that will have to be addressed house by house include:

  1. The clergy-laity divide – it is imperative for this to be dismantled. The only way to carry out the purpose of the Kingdom is for every member of the Kingdom to operate in their gifting. A top-down lecture with one guy being above the rest restrains the rest to the outer courts. All must know that they, too, can enter in.
  2. Ears to hear – the voice of God has to direct the steps of every believer and every gathering of believers. There is no life in a transfer of information. The viral potential and design of the Kingdom is dependent on hearing and agreeing with the voice of God in the framework of Scripture.
  3. The identity of the believer – son/daughter, priest, saint, ambassador, etc. . . . the knowing from the inside/out is what drives behaviors and behaviors are what manifest belief. That manifestation becomes contagious with the authenticity of identity. Otherwise, it’s the self-righteousness which our culture has tired of.
  4. Making big church small again – every small group gathering becomes a potential meeting of the body with Christ as the head. Meeting with Him and not just about Him creates a life-giving experience in the family of God. That’s church and it happens in coffee shops, businesses, living rooms and other non-traditional places.
  5. Control and the lack thereof – leaders willing to operate in the apostolic place of equipping and sending as opposed to gathering and guarding will be required to have incredible security in their own place as sons. Self-protection cannot be a part of the equation as control diminishes.
  6. Spiritual authority, servant leadership and a culture of honor – a healthy dynamic of deference and honor going in all directions will feed those leaders security and they have to be the initiator of that culture. Servant leadership invites healthy submission and the operation of authority in that context is life-giving without lording over.
  7. Relational evangelism – mandates, rules, legislation and societal agreement fade to insignificant and the body operates in their identity and gifts which releases Good News through life on life sharing, not programmatic attraction.
  8. Death of consumerism – consumerism could have been first or last; it has either created the self-centered, super-star preacher or was a product thereof, but whether the chicken or the egg, it has to stop. This isn’t about how much we like the songs, lights, child-care or humor in a message. It’s about our place as kings and priests, not court jesters and peasants waiting on a handout.

2 thoughts on “What’s Next? (cont’d . . . )

  1. So good!!!
    Identity is key. Sons and daughters walking in healed wholeness, connected to their Father and each other, are essential. So much of our current religious environment was created by and for “orphans”.

    This is tweetable:
    “Meeting with Him and not just about Him creates a life-giving experience in the family of God.”

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