What’s Next?

multiplicationThere’s only one way to do the thing that is set before us and there needs to be some intentional shifting in order for that to happen. I don’t necessarily believe we are off track as much as I believe we are ripe for a shift of focus from the current platform. The present and the past don’t need to be discounted or disparaged to step from here into the future. You don’t have to tear down to build up.

There is always dialogue, discussion and debate about the place of the “mega” church in the schematic of the Kingdom. Can this be the intention, where a large percentage of resources go to self-sustainment, staffing and mortgage payments? Can this be right, as super-star preachers are elevated to a place where pride is a constant threat? Are these big buildings really the end game?

The next step in that debate is often criticism of the biggest church in the area or the most notorious recent fall of a celebrity minister. Those anecdotal facts are offered as evidence of a conclusion that trashes the Bride. I’m not sure that’s the lens as we consider the church in society.

There can be no question that God has used various high-profile pastors and mega-churches as vehicles for positive transformation in people’s lives. Good fruit in people’s lives tends to affirm the validity of the activity and provide evidence of His presence. So what, then, from here?

From here, it seems that the natural development of the platform which has often produced evidence of the Kingdom is multiplication beyond the building in greater measure. Those same ministers and pastors have to either gain or maintain a focus on their priority of sending the body out. A release of the masses that attend the places will unleash the impact of the Kingdom.

  • This means that every sermon, every offering, every meeting must be done with the intention of equipping for sending.
  • This is a perspective that moves the “pastor” to “apostle” (with the title not being the point).
  • The Apostolic mandate has to be respected to equip the saints for the purpose of sending them out.
  • There is a building up for the purpose of releasing and a gathering for the purpose of scattering.

The congregation is the royal priesthood and they need to be viewed, treated, challenged, commissioned and respected as kingly priests. They are the delivery mechanism and co-laborers in a common mission, not an audience to be counted, entertained and collected from. Every gathering requires vision for the impact beyond the hour and empowerment to go forth from that place and be the body in businesses, schools and public gatherings which occur outside of a church building.

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