More Isn’t Bad When We Are Less

pieThere is always more and the gnawing dissatisfaction with your present circumstances may not be a bad thing. The thing in you that isn’t as content as it seemed to be at one point in your life may be an invitation into the next thing. The depth of development which is available is as cavernous as our appetites for discomfort will allow.

The first call of every heart is into being a son (or daughter; not gender specific in this case) of the Father. If you happen to have stumbled onto this blog not knowing the content or focus, you may initially disagree, but really? If you really seek within yourself (which may take a while) and explore what you’ve done and felt to date, are you sure you have nothing inside of you calling out for the love, acceptance and affirmation of a True Father? An eternal Father with eternal purpose and context can satisfy our eternal cravings of inherent design.

More people who are reading this blog will agree with that than the number that will disagree. Still, for many of those believers there is something more that still seems to elude our contentment. There is pull towards Him, but what does that mean, what does that look like and what do we do with that?

I was contemplating my own drivers recently as there were some things I wanted that, on their face, seemed like they may be products of pride or covetous of increase. I dug in deeper once they persisted, however, and believe I landed at a legitimate and God-designed component of my (our) character. I believe that for us to want more is legitimate when it is in legitimate context.

The place that I landed was that I was feeling a pull towards being a more trustworthy, mature son. I wanted to enjoy the responsibility of stewardship. I wanted to be trusted with a greater place of potential impact and believe that God walked me towards an understanding that this is part of our design. He created us to reign in the garden. Restoration of that original design affords the possibility of a valid application of that part of our purpose.

That legitimate drive without submission and honor towards authority almost certainly leads to pride, striving and maybe even idolatry of our own ability. We can only carry out the dominion of our design under His direct and delegated authority. We need that order to sincerely ask in His name for the things that will be entrusted to us. We won’t make it about His kingdom, His glory or His power unless we are positioned to resist any temptation to slip in a little of our kingdom, glory or power.

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