We Are the Result of Our Corporate Choosing

reflectionIt’s a slow drip to change the conscious of a nation. It isn’t an overnight phenomenon when a culture exchanges it’s spirit for the sake of its soul. One compromise after another results in the revolution of norms. It’s the smaller things that add up to result in something which doesn’t resemble the prior.

For our nation, the transformation has been gradual yet accelerated in the past few decades. We have increasingly rejected a standard of Truth for the variable of comfort. We have decided, as a nation, that we have chosen not to protect unborn life. We have diminished the importance of the role of the father. We are in the midst of altering the institution of marriage. We’ve chosen these things as a society.

Individually or as a people group, you choose what you believe. You can say that you believe something contrary to your choices but that is only an illusion. You believe what you choose, or at least you believe it more than anything else. Corporately, we believe in the choices we have made. We are what we say we are by the choices of our people, not by the ideas of our possibilities.

In the mid-90’s we crossed an important intersection. Bill Clinton was the president of the United States and he had been caught in an extramarital affair with an intern. Then he was caught in lies about it. He no longer had moral integrity or credibility by any reasonable standard.

At this same time, the economy was booming. Whether or not it was of Bill Clinton’s doing is debatable but it was on his watch and the contentment that comes with economic prosperity was the lens of the day. The resulting choice of a nation at that intersection was to re-elect a president with compromised morality and integrity. The decision was that his flaws did not erode his office or his capability. The choice reflected a belief and the belief was contrary to what most would profess.

We aren’t a Christian nation because professing Christians have not reflected Christ. When we don’t reflect Christ, our leaders and laws don’t reflect Christ. Christianity isn’t a political party or even a thought process. It’s a conviction that is expressed in our choices. This isn’t about Bill Clinton or any other politician, this is about the integrity of belief and the exchange of the depth of conviction for the comfort of wealth and illusion of fairness.

The good news is that Christianity was never intended to need the support of the structure of government. It was birthed under oppression and often flourishes from a minority position. The reason for this is because it is relational, not systemic. It is the contrast to the Old Testament of laws, not a furtherance of that expression. The irony is that the choices of “believers” have inadvertantly moved the system to a place that allows for the essence of Christianity to operate as it’s intended. Without legal mandates reflecting agreement with a belief, the hope of the world is back to loving God and loving others.

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