There’s Another Way

pushing the elephantSeveral years ago, I was cruising along and enjoying the benefits of favor and promotion. Gifts within me were being unlocked and skills were being sharpened. Those gifts and abilities were being affirmed and there was great joy in the new season of purpose. I felt alive as I was stepping into what has proven to be the first fruits of the life that has been my destiny from the beginning.

Then came the demotion. I hadn’t done anything wrong, wasn’t in trouble and didn’t fall out of favor. The circumstance for a particular endeavor simply dictated that I step back into a lesser role and others were promoted into the place that I had enjoyed. It was a temporary and explainable turn of events, yet I was crushed. Other areas of my life had been troublesome and this fortress of fortune was now being plundered. I felt completely abandoned, rejected and broken.

I considered quitting. Yet, through the darkness I could still see the light of a promise which was ever-present. The previous exposure was real and the future promise intact. How I handled the present setback would be part of the process I was going to through. I stuck it out, albeit through great angst and even tears, and plowed forward in this diminished role.

The revealed Truth in the middle of the situational suffering was the power of relationship versus the privilege of position. From this place of humble position:

  • I was challenged to connect with others without the benefit of where I sat compared to them
  • The connection had to be based in eternal intentions which were selfless and self-proving
  • What I had to offer had to stand on its own as True because I had no authority to make it happen otherwise
  • The way in couldn’t be a given place in the structure of an organization, but had to be by a sincere willingness to serve others for the sake of service.

This was a painful time in may ways and one that I am incredibly thankful for. The promotions that followed were facilitated by the lessons learned and the revelation of Kingdom values have been foundational. The one step back was actually several steps forward as the apparent demotion was actually an accelerated promotion.

Don’t quit. Look for the Light and walk towards Him.

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