A Return to the Conservative Truth

Joint Session of the United States CongressThe landscape has changed and wisdom is required. Belief no longer enjoys the benefit of protection so conviction may need to be lived out without the shelter of the law. President Obama decided that the legislative branch has moved too slow in protecting homosexuality from discrimination so he wrote an executive order granting such protection. The order does not exempt religious organizations with a legitimately held belief.

The Religious Right and Moral Majority are a distant memory. Their efforts to legislate morality in line with their faith are long gone and often deemed as foolish or bigoted. This ship has sailed and the strategy of top down mandates to come in line with faith-based beliefs has failed miserably.

Now what? Now maybe those beliefs can be dependent on the relational agreement they were always intended to be dependent on. Legislated agreement with Christian principles was a fool’s errand and Jesus never, not once, endorsed such an approach. He didn’t blink an eye at the oppressive government of His day while unleashing a viral movement of the Kingdom of God. He went to the fisherman and the marginalized of society, not the politicians or lobbyists to push His agenda. His was a move of the heart, not a mandate of the law.

You or I can disagree with the developments of this era from many different perspectives. Some are in a position to legitimately enter the fray and advocate due process, foundational ideas and even Constitutional preservation. Most of us, however, will be limited to loving God and loving others to influence our culture.

The good news is that exact formula for the spread of the love of Jesus is precisely what He said was the delivery mechanism for the message of His Kingdom. He never wanted to take over the government or create more laws. They had laws and kings and systems and mandates for centuries and all that proved was that they needed a Savior.

Living out church has to change, folks, or the institution will become an afterthought in a society that rejects the legitimacy of the institution in the first place. Ironically, a return to the message of Jesus in how church is to interact with society is a conservative message stripped of the man-made efforts which come as a result of trying to change governmental systems. Love God and love others . . . and watch the Kingdom go viral no matter what the laws of the land are.

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