Needing or Wanting

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What we do with our needs and wants may be the whole deal. How we distinguish between what is a need vs. what is a want and then how we treat each of them will dictate our destiny. The ability to handle these two factors is pivotal to our peace, freedom and capacity to steward more.

In the middle of any discontent regarding a desire for increase in provision, security or promotion, the fuel to the frustration is almost always based in timing or quality. It’s not so much that we desire more of a particular thing, it’s that we desire more right now.

  • When money is so tight that we really can’t afford to go out to eat, it’s not that we don’t have food, it’s that we don’t have the luxury of having others cook it for us. You have to be content with the hamburger to truly appreciate the steak.
  • When we worry about a cushion just in case there might be lack, we need contentment to realize that there is plenty today. Provision is in the moment, it’s not a savings account.
  • When we evaluate our position and want a greater job, office or responsibility, it’s not that we won’t get that promotion but it is that we haven’t gotten it yet. We have to do all we can with the place we occupy to shape ourselves to be ready to handle all that comes with the next step.

It will be easy to tell when we have crossed over into not trusting God in any of these areas. There is a certain feeling that accompanies our striving that indicates our independence. Work is a blessing, but striving was part of the curse. The curse was broken, so when we strive to self-provide, self-protect or self-promote, we step outside of the Blood of Jesus which broke the curse and replaced it with blessing. We forfeit the blessing for the curse when we choose to strive for what we want now.

In the moment and in relationship is the only hope of the blessing of Jesus manifesting in our lives and circumstances. Prosperity is much easier to attain when measured moment by moment. In the moment, we can almost always recognize the fullness of what we truly need vs. what we think we want. In the moment, when we realize His faithfulness is evident in our immediate circumstances, we can enjoy His relationship without being frustrated that He hasn’t given us more . . . yet.


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