Working it Out from the Inside-Out

digging outThey really don’t have any choice and sometimes you don’t, either. It’s the depth of deception born out of desperation that causes illogical choices. We don’t know what we don’t know and neither do they. The ignorance of our blind spots is magnified by the pain of the hurts which often gives root to the lies. Orphans act like orphans because that’s what they are, not because that’s what they decided is best after weighing their options.

Orphans are born out of the wounds of abandonment, abuse and rejection. The orphan operates from the lens of hurt that comes from the experience of loneliness. From this lonely emotion a lens of perception develops to view everything from an intention of self-protection, self-provision and self-promotion. The decisions that result from that lens make sense only in the context of that perspective which can only be fully appreciated if the experience is shared by the third-party observer.

When working from hurt, the logic of reasoning is no longer primary in decision-making. The choices that come from voids are working from a faulty premise. That faulty premise is completely valid to the orphan that places self-preservation over any form of trust or expectation.

This affirms the essential necessity of Truth. The foundation of Truth is all that can replace the void of lies. The very idea of redemption is rooted in the replacement of the lies in our lives with the Truth of His Word.

The only way for the Truth of His Word to get to the place of the lies is trough absorption in the emotions of the soul. It’s not the mind that is wounded, but the heart. The heart has to be healed for the mind to filter from an undistorted perspective in order to change the will of the recovering orphan.

That Truth won’t work its way from the head to the heart as the wounded heart is informing the head from emotion, not logic. How then, can the heart be informed for transformation to take root? It comes from the spirit informing the soul (mind, will and emotions). The spirit is told by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8) and the trust is born of that testimony which is transmitted via the voice of God Himself. From the inside out, we are told of our adoption and then the working out of that Truth transforms our choices by healing our heart which changes our mind.


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