Submitted and Supernatural Promotion

The CenturionIt’s the opposite. It’s upside down and backwards. Down is up and up is down. The only way to figure it out is to admit you don’t have a clue and the only way to walk it out is to get outside of your abilities. You can’t master it and you can’t be in charge of it. Within that, there is incredible power and authority. Makes sense, huh?

There was a military leader in Luke 7 that sent word to Jesus to ask Him to heal a servant of this leader who was sick. This was a military leader in a conquering army. He was sending word to a rising, yet rogue religious leader of a captive nation. He didn’t approach this request in the superior stature of a military officer of a conquering army that you might expect. He came in a posture of humility. He submitted himself to Jesus, telling Him that he was not worthy of the Savior’s presence.

By all natural accounts or visible indications, the Roman officer was of superior worth in the time and culture. He had the authority to order many to do what he wanted and they were subject to him. Certainly, he had the requisite authority to approach this carpenter.

Yet, this unexpected man of great faith submitted himself to the gift and authority of Jesus, which was neither natural nor visible. The Centurion came in faith and honor to Jesus for the benefit of Jesus. He believed in what Jesus had and needed that manifestation of Heaven on earth in order to save his servant.

Had the officer relied on visible indications of rank or authority he would not have honored nor submitted to the gift in Jesus. The supernatural power of Jesus was available through honor and submission. The result was a promotion for the Roman officer to enjoy the benefit of the superior gift. He was not bound by his natural authority, but a benefactor the supernatural authority. Through submission and honor.

  • We can go as far as our ability will take us or we can submit our ability to the gift of another
  • When we submit, we enjoy the increase that comes with honor
  • We release the gift in another to our benefit through our honor and submission
  • The opportunity for increase is not always dependent on the indications of position or structure
  • Sometimes we have to see the power and gift in faith to submit to it in the natural
  • When we submit, we enjoy a result which was outside of our previous limitations

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