Rushing Wind, Royal Design


So many of us are still seeking the place that is ours. We are driven towards the idea that there is a unique purpose for us and that there is something “more” than we currently know. Deep calls to deep to draw us from the common to the uncommon, yet our circumstances, insecurities and commitments hold us back. What do we do with the thing that is so indescribable that it is more a shadow than a certainty? Our efforts have to align with our purpose in order to move us towards our destiny. There is something unique in our design and the revelation of what that is can be elusive.

“Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers. And the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David from that day forward.” 1 Samuel 16:13.

Samuel was seeking the future king to anoint him as such. “Anoint” simply means to set apart and the act of smearing oil on David physically was representative of what was True about David spiritually. David was designed to be king by the King. It was his purpose and destiny. Samuel waited to agree with Heaven before choosing David from among his brothers to identify the royalty inherent in his design.

See what happened next? The “Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David.” The Holy Spirit rushed upon David and stayed with him. Once David’s purpose was identified and called out, David was set apart for this purpose and the Holy Spirit rushed to equip him to do what he was always meant to do. David didn’t have to try to be a king, he just was. The Holy Spirit rushed to equip him as such.

That word, “rushed” is indicative of more than just the pace with which the Holy Spirit moved. It includes the idea that the Holy Spirit advanced, prospered, made progress, brought success and profit. The Holy Spirit made it easy for David, compared to the toil that comes with work that is not anointed. The ease of success inherent in anointing does not preclude us from the process of development or the setbacks of failures, but it does propel us from the inside out in the areas we are gifted for.

What are you good at? What do you like doing so much that the obstacles and setbacks cannot throw you off the scent of your destiny? What calls your heart beyond the rewards that your head calculates? Those places may be your anointed purpose which invite the Holy Spirit to rush to you for your success and His glory.

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