So You’ve Got Something to Say?


We all have things to share. Some have been through something and the result is transformation. Transformation of any significance often results in a desire to share it with others with hopes that they, too, can enjoy transformation of some kind. The desire to share is born of a legitimate experience and legitimate desire to multiply that which was birthed in us. The wisdom of how that is played out, however, sometimes lacks maturity.

What qualifies us to speak into the lives of others is not our personal transformation. It’s not that we have something to share or that we are gifted orators. There doesn’t need to be a crowd grabbing for the microphone, each one in that crowd convinced that if they can only be heard, then their destiny will be fulfilled and the lives of all who hear will be transformed.

There are some very practical steps towards a legitimate voice in the lives of others:

  1. Relationship – either with the others or with the one that is providing the platform to speak into the lives of others. In other words, it’s not often wise to meet someone and immediately solicit the opportunity to speak to the crowd that they have access to. It’s also best not to go directly from introduction to advice.
  2. Trust – This is built in the relationship as well as through service. Spend time waiting tables like the deacons in Acts 6 prior to attempting to be promoted to the place of preaching of the Apostles in that chapter.
  3. Invitation – allow Jesus to make a way for you without the need of an orphan to self-promote. He will make a way for the gift in you, which is not you but Him in you. Wait on Him.
  4. Honor – Even when given an opportunity it’s likely still someone else’s flock, especially as you are getting started. Submit to their authority and avoid public conflict with their leadership. If you can’t agree with their leadership, then don’t take a place within their reach of authority which has been delegated to them by God.

There is no purer form of religion than service to widows and orphans. Let your ministry begin in that type of expression. If there is to be a voice beyond your sacrifice, it will become clear to others. The more you want to be heard, the less ready you likely are. The more you are willing to serve, the more ripe your voice.

Kingdom insight and revelation comes in the humble place that nobody notices which you may or may not get a chance to talk about publicly some day. Be satisfied in the revelation without fueling any temptation to make it about you. The result will likely be a voice to share what God has revealed.

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