One Man at a Time, Nobody Left Behind

mentorAs I talked with a friend this morning about what it’s going to take he concluded that it is going to take men being men in the context that they were intended and designed to be men. We agreed that the ship has sailed on cultural values, norms and beliefs which reflected anything close to True. The results are not fully manifest yet, but lawlessness  and godlessness of a nation historically lead to some form of ruin.

This isn’t a comment so much on the state of a nation as it is the opportunity of an army. There is an army of men that is available to take their place as those in a society that stand up when others want to run and invest where others would only judge. If there will be a turn in the destiny of this nation, it won’t be one which is led by a government, but instead by a Kingdom. It will be life on life where the older invest in the younger and they do so with such grace that their intention can take root despite the apathy of the rising generation.

Men have the unique opportunity, by design, to stand at the head if they are willing to do so via sacrifice and not with any kind of presumption of dominion by way of birthright. From the sacrificial practice of legitimate leadership, there will be a shoulder to shoulder service to younger men as well as to the families they are charged to steward. This type of headship is welcome in a society that never objects to service, only arrogant oppression.

One man at a time stepping into how a royal priest serves with uncommon sacrifice as an advocate for the eternal destinies of their families, friends, communities and domains of society they influence. This royal priesthood will not seek authoritative position, but relational leverage. From relationships which are earned and trustworthy, invitations into the foundation of Truth that works from the inside-out will shape those with ears to hear. The target is not behaviors, but hearts. The results are not the measure, but instead it is the humility to know that it is a larger fight that is beyond human capacity which decides the fate of us all.

One at a time, as a viral movement of responsibility and investment with the no need for glory or reward other than the multiplication that comes with transformation. If we’ll do our part to initiate that even a few times each in the coming days of our manhood, the ripple will be evident in the similar seasons of our sons.



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