We’re Closer Than We Used To Be

family on a trip“Are we there yet?” Every parent knows the question and likely every one of us has uttered the phrase. We’ve all grown impatient and not wanting to be on the road any longer. We want to be “there” and nothing short of our destination is any longer satisfying. Yet, in our desire to end the travel we are not likely to be content stopping at some random town along the way to live there just because they have suitable accommodations.

I liked practicing law. There were parts of it that I was pretty good at. I could see the impact and value in people’s lives. Going to court as an advocate mattered in the lives of people as their freedom was in the balance. There was a camaraderie at the courthouse which I enjoyed. It was intellectually challenging. Yet, I felt like I knew that this was not my final destination.

When we sign onto a life in the Kingdom in which we say “yes” to the invitation of the King to follow Him, a Kingdom purpose and destiny is often stirred in us. Our lens changes to start to value things differently. If we’ll allow Him to shape our purpose, that shaping will likely come through experiences that shape our character. In the shaping our character, we are becoming prepared to handle the destiny we have in Him.

It’s a process. It’s always a process. Nobody gets zapped. Nobody gets short cuts.

If you want the fullness of the promise, you’ve got to stay on the road even when you wish you were already “there.” A few thoughts to consider for your journey:

  1. Don’t go it alone and always listen/obey. The journey is the destination in many ways; don’t do it without the One that called you.
  2. When people or circumstances are challenging, look inward despite the temptation to blame and accuse.
  3. Live in the moment. What’s God doing right here and right now?
  4. Submit and honor. God chose the authority you are currently under. He prepares you for promotion through them.
  5. Dream and allow your vision to excite you and motivate you towards what your heart calls for.
  6. Continue to walk it out in faith. Each invitation into a new season requires a fresh step of faith.
  7. Recognize God’s provision each step of the way. He is faithful and evidence of that in your life builds your faith.
  8. Husbands, make it about her. Pray for and accommodate her destiny and yours will be just fine.
  9. Wives, make it about him. Pray for and accommodate his destiny and yours will be just fine.
  10. Enjoy the ride. A life in the Kingdom is like no other.


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