Here, Now and Forever


It starts right where you are. You don’t have to get hired, promoted, educated or ordained in any special ways to fulfill the purpose of your design. There is an opportunity beyond consumption and a calling which exceeds mere attendance. The call is one into action and the action is to take place wherever you go.

Society is not church and church is not society. Society exists of domains that we are all familiar with even if we don’t often consider them or our place as a part of them. Functions such as government, art, medical, business, education and others. We all participate in the domains of society either as professionals or participants. Most of us function in the domains of society much more frequently than we do in a church.

Yet, for some reason, we tuck church over in a corner and believe that there is not interaction between the faith we exercise on Sundays and the role we play the majority of the time. We believe lies that tell us the advancement of faith is for the professionals or super-spiritual people who are always volunteering. The impact of that view is that the Kingdom of God is never manifest through us in the domains we engage.

The Kingdom is a viral movement to be lived out and multiplied in everyday relationships. The Kingdom is not relegated to a building with a steeple on Sunday mornings nor is it reserved for people who went to seminary. The Kingdom is replicated in us when we become sons of God through the Blood of Jesus. There is a new creation – a son of a King. A Royal representative to act as an ambassador in the world which needs the Light of Jesus within us to penetrate the darkness around us.

It’s a role we live out from an identity we receive. It’s the fullness of our purpose played out in a life that matters. It’s a pivotal role in an eternal story that we are invited into. If you’ve ever been bored in or by church, it’s likely because you were distracted by religion instead of engaged in the Kingdom. The Kingdom isn’t boring – it’s an encounter of good and evil which puts us on the front lines of an epic battle. There is nothing boring about that.

The measure of our place in the Kingdom isn’t captured in the size of a congregation or budget of a 501(c)3 non-profit, but it’s in the satisfaction of a life fulfilled. It’s the pleasure of serving a King and the joy that comes in seeing evidence of His majesty. The evidence of His majesty in your life is best played out in the lives of others. The satisfaction of living as an agent of transformation is the hope and transformation that others find in Him through you.

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