Don’t Wait to Die Before Giving it All Away


We have an opportunity and even a command to provide an inheritance for the generation that follows. We are to pass along something of value and leave a legacy. “Pay it forward,” so to speak, in order to multiply your wealth for lasting impact exceeding dollars and cents.

A Kingdom view of wealth is not based solely in currency, but includes the value of relationships and wisdom. With no way to leave relationship or wealth after we die, we have to consider when the inheritance transfer begins. If we limit our contribution to things that we can include in our will, we likely have hoarded the greatest treasures we have possessed.

Inheritance and generational transfer is core to Kingdom advancement. We can’t change cultures if we ignore this idea and our efforts outside of multi-generational are reduced to addition where multiplication is intended. The opportunity we have to have a lasting impact is based in the following perspectives:

  1. We have to recognize the things of value that we have received, including wisdom and treasures which have been developed within our own character to appreciate and acknowledge what we have to pass along.
  2. We have to orient our perspective to appreciate the eternal value of relationship and other non-tangible treasure.
  3. With this perspective of wealth, the transfer begins as life on life and we don’t simply accumulate things to pass along once we are dead.
  4. This life on life transfer of eternal treasure that is within us is what equips the next generation to build on the previous.
  5. Intentionally organizing efforts towards cultural transformation in a way that involves diversity of ages maximizes the potential for lasting impact.
  6. The younger generation won’t just trust and listen to the older generation based in the older generations proclamation of value so there will have to be a sacrifice by the older members to establish trust and credibility.
  7. The way “in” is through transparency where the present tense flaws and insecurities of the older generation are confessed for credibility as well as permission to the younger generation.
  8. The younger generation sniffs out insincerity from a mile away and authentic, transparent relationship is the only shot at connection to the point of impact.
  9. The younger generation will mess up so there has to be grace to coach and invest where there is effort or ability that is inferior to what you might receive from older contributors.
  10. You’ll have to be OK with investing in someone who will never truly benefit your effort as the twenty-something may very well apply the investment in a different venue as they develop their interests and other opportunities emerge.


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