The Depth of Context

Africa Partnership StationThere has to be application and context for that application. This can’t just be about how satisfied you can become with the teaching, worship, relationships and child care. The purpose of church extends beyond the church. If you go to small group after small group, church service after church service and conference after conference without an application, the result is growth without maturity.

The reduction of Christianity to receipt of great teaching and participation in anointed worship produces fat babies. That is, they are full but they cannot be trusted sons in their maturity because they have never driven the car to which they have been given the keys. The purpose of the teaching and worship is rooted in the context of the Kingdom and the Kingdom advances far beyond a service.

Kingdom application of church teaching needs to be applied. A few ways that we can apply as we participate in the Kingdom are:

  1. In our marriage/family: our first ministry is at home. We can’t run around for the King if the one(s) that He entrusted to us are neglected as a result. First things first.
  2. In our church: by becoming not just recipients, but by offering our service. That service is sacrificial, which means we are willing to do the jobs that others don’t want to do. We don’t jump into positions of ministry without serving in positions of sacrifice.
  3. In our jobs: by living a life that is free from boxes where we keep God, work, family, etc. separated where we never allow two of our boxes to intermingle. We live out of one box and allow the Kingdom within us to impact the workplace around us.
  4. In our communities: by meeting those in need to bring practical as well as spiritual relief where people are hurting. Being salt and light in the neighborhood and community where we live, shop, dine and interact. Sunday morning becomes every day.
  5. In the world: by intentionally going places to serve and not believing that we are the solution to all of “their” problems. The net result of our travel will almost certainly be of greater benefit to us than it is to them as we expand our view of God’s people and tear down our American bias.

Living out our faith in the context of life brings life to our faith. The result is a vibrant and contagious Kingdom lifestyle that trumps any routine that religion can offer.

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