Not Buying the Reaction to the Buyer’s Club Acceptance Thing

angelsSo Matthew McConaughey made a reference to God in his speech at the award thing the other night and Christians are all fired up. Some get excited about this over tip of the cap to the Creator of the universe. I guess it validates God as legitimate in some way which He didn’t enjoy prior to the speech?

No worries, though, because the counter attack is never far behind and it comes in strong to criticize Matt’s lifestyle, movie content, the cuss words and other things that don’t make him a worthy spokesman for Him. The filter of acceptable behavior disqualified this endorsement so don’t pay any attention to this obviously false declaration of thanks.

How ridiculous the back and forth positioning, criticizing and counter-pointing have become. Some guys teach on grace and other guys start to write about what’s wrong with grace. Some guys see, believe and operate in the power of God and other guys write books, hold conferences and speak incessantly about how messed up the power guys are. Name calling and absolutes are thrown around in areas that are debatable within the framework of Scripture.

The whole thing invites exactly zero people to the salvation of Jesus and equipping for a life of Kingdom purpose. It’s all a distraction which brings no glory whatsoever to the One who is allegedly being protected and served through the rhetoric.

Want to speak about some things that matter? Speak life. Before you has been set either life or death and the power of life and death are in the tongue. No matter what Matthew Mc’s relationship with Jesus is, for that split second he was speaking life. Good for him. Not exactly newsworthy when someone simply gives thanks to God, but positive, I guess. It doesn’t, in and of itself, qualify the actor as a faith-based teacher but it’s a valid thing for him to express if he wants to.

Set your eyes on Jesus and those that He seeks to serve . . . the lost, broken, hurting and bound up. When you are actively engaged in the King and His Kingdom, you won’t care much about the other stuff.

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